JobStart - Employment Readiness Workshops for People with Disabilities.
Monday, December 10, 2018
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Participant Testimonials


 Cindy at her placement

 "jobstart was an enjoyable experience for me, the job placement showed me I have the skills and abilities to get and keep a job"

- Cindy, Past Participant


 Megan at her placement

"I completed my one-week placement working in the office at Harmony.  Harmony was able to offer me the job with assistance from Job Connect and Employment Transitions through through Ontario Disability Support Program's Employment Supports"

- Megan, Past Participant


  "When I completed jobStart, I started a position as a sub-contractor in Foodbasics and A&P.  It went well for about a year, then my contractor lost the contract.  This worked out well for me, as my wife and I began a new cleaning company on the side in Petrolia.  My wife looks after the residential end of the business and I look after the commercial end.  We have a full plate as my wife has full residential hours and a four story apartment building, which I help her with when I can as I have the Medical Centre.  The medical centre has four doctors, a pharmacy and a chiropractor.  This building takes me about 5 -6 hours a day and 5 days a week.  Usually weekends off, but mostly that is the only time I have to repair floors etc. so I usually just work the Sat too. My business name is Knights Janitorial & Kleaning (my initials).

Thank you for helping me work out my job related problems.... I still read the materials given to me when I feel lost or when I look for a direction."

- Kelly, Past Participant





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